written by Wanda

New Sexy Kelly Brook Lingerie Photo Shoot For New Look

Not long ago, I posted a few sets of pictures and found myself defending Kelly’s curvy body. Since that time, it seems Kelly’s slimmed down more and more in every set of pictures but has managed to avoid crossing the line into “too skinny” territory. That trend continues with these new shots promoting Kelly Brook Lingerie for New Look. Beautiful British actress Kelly is definitely in fantastic shape as she models her brand new lingerie line and shows the world why she gets her own line at New Look, a successful High Street store in the UK. Any doubts about body should be silenced with these pictures. Finally. I’ll admit I like her slimmer body a bit more but there was absolutely nothing wrong with her curvier look either. Kelly looks good no matter what she does.


  • She’s still curvy in these pictures and one very hot mama! But I preferred her when she was a bit bigger.

    Could be she specifically lost weight for the photo shoot and plans to gradually put it back on afterwards.

    • I think this is closer to her natural body type. In the last few sets that have been posted, she had recently been pregnant and I think she was still holding a little bit of the baby weight. I could be wrong about that but when I think about pictures of her before she was pregnant, I seem to recall her looking about this size. I like her either way though.

  • I don’t think I’ve seen her this slim, even before she got pregnant (sadly, she lost the baby which must have been heartbreaking for her and her partner). Don’t get me wrong, she looks good and she still looks curvy and well-fed, but I don’t remember having seen her at this size for a long time.

  • I love the black lingerie she’s wearing (the one in the main pic). I think out of all the ones she’s wearing, that’s my favourite. Looks really comfortable and classy. I like the cut of the panties too.

    She’s got lovely hair too and a gorgeous face.

    Losing weight is entirely her choice (of course), but I too am glad she hasn’t taken it too far.