written by Wanda

Nicki Minaj Hosts A Yacht Party And Dresses The Part

Nicki Minaj has really won me over. I wasn’t sure how I felt about her when she first rose to fame but as time passed, she really grew on me. She gets a little upset over nothing sometimes but to me, that’s part of her appeal. She is just so ballsy. She isn’t at all scared to speak her mind. I love that about her. She also happens to be incredibly hot. I think that hotness is on full display in these shots of Nicki hosting the Myx & Mingle Cruise on a yacht on the Hudson River in New York. I love the outfit she’s chosen here. It’s perfect for the event and it’s so perfect for Nicki. This right here is some classic Minaj. Love her to bits and I love these photos.


  • awesome body on her

  • that ass is epic, she is so sexy

  • How many pairs of spanx do you think she needed to squeeze into that dress?

  • Heard that, she and Serena Williams look like NFL linemen that have been taking estrogen treatments. Pretty faces, but awful bodies.

  • she often seems a bit plastic looking facially but her body oh my, any guy could worship her body all day, awesome boobies and booty, one of the finest asses around and with the likes of kim kardashian and j lo we have enough

  • compensation of god: great body – ugly face

  • Great body…ha, ha, ha….

  • 3 weeks no new content and you leave us with this photo?

  • Yeah, I could do without seeing that no talent troll every time I cruise by to see if there’s an update.

    • Especially since you’re ready to jerk off.

  • Is she(he) a crossdresser ??

  • I think this is a devilish plan by the owners to drive the site out of business by having that fat assed troll on the front page for a month straight.

  • RuPaul !!!


  • Probably trying to get some sessy pics of lard-assed Serena Williams from the US Open to follow up this epic post.

  • I would love to fuck her and spunk all over that ass mmmm

  • Nicki Minaj and serena williams would be so yummy, love thick dark women, big assed women

  • who is that other tart with her?

    Nicki minaj seems like an annoying women but that ass and that rack , i mean id destroy her for sure

  • I would eat her ass lol