written by Wanda

Nicki Minaj Is A Strange And Oddly Sexy Bird

I really want to like Nicki Minaj. I checked out her album and it definitely has moment I can really get behind but for the most part, I have to admit I’m not really a huge fan. I’d like her style if it didn’t all feel a little “been there done that”. I think I’m being to harsh. I do that sometimes. What I do like about Nicki is that she really marches to the beat of her own drum and is unapologetic about that. That goes double here in Oahu, Hawaii as she films her new music video for her song “Starship”. The bikini, the wig – it’s all so over the top but I like it. I heard the song and I’m still a little iffy about it but I’ll give it a few more listens. I could end up loving it. It wouldn’t be the first time I hated a tune that wound up being one of my favorites. I’m looking at you “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5.


  • Only Nicki Minaj would rock green hair…and Lady Gaga…and Katy Perry! It doesn’t surprise me in the least! It’s the kind of artist she is. There are some of her songs that I don’t get, but then again, I don’t expect to understand it all.

  • Nicki Minaj is NUTS, which is why I really like her as an artist. She definitely has a way of expressing herself. Of all the things about her, I could really do with some of her confidence and not letting other people’s opinions be more important than mine.

  • Well, well, is it none other than the crazy lady we call Nicki Minaj. Like you, Roger, there is nothing she’s doing that comes as a surprise to me. She’s doing what she does. And I like it, the experimentation.

  • Hahaaaaa, I love Nicki Minaj. She’s just really out there. Green hair and a pink bikini. Who would have thought it? She wears her craziness on her sleeve. Plus she raps crazy too! Love her. She definitely walks to the beat of her own drum.


  • Wow Nicki goes all out. She is always looking exotic. She has a different look to her but it is much welcomed. Her eyes really intrigue me a lot. Like she has a huge story to tell, I love her.

  • id love to bone her for some reason she has sex appeal, her ass is huge

  • I’m with Anonymous I don’t know what it is about this woman but she gets me going.. I’d love to feed her some dick

  • I would love to cum all over that huge ass, and put my dick right between them big soft ass cheeks.

  • look at those jugs, huge rack so curvy, that is what a women should look like

  • she loves showing off her body but then any women would if they had a body like that, huge tits, huge ass, great legs, right amount of meat on her frame plus she ain’t bad looking

  • I would plow Nicki Minaj hard

  • so hot!

  • she has a great body but the face not the best, then again if most guys were in bed boffing Minaj they would not be focusing on her face