written by Wanda

Nicky Hilton Is My Favorite Hilton

As I’ve made fairly clear in the past, Paris Hilton is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. I like her but I’m not entirely sure why I like her. Nicky Hilton isn’t like that for me. I like Nicky because she doesn’t seem to be quite as, um, Hilton as her sister and I appreciate that. She’s stylish, pretty but doesn’t seem to come with all the drama one gets with Paris. I really find that appealing. I think Nicky would be fun to hang out with in a relaxed, kind of casual environment while Paris would be more fun to hit the town with. Since hitting the town isn’t my idea of a good time, Nicky is my favorite. I also find her more attractive than Paris although that is a decision based entirely on my own personal taste. I’m sure many others disagree. Nicky also happens to be the sister whose closet I would most like to raid. The first thing I’d borrow? This dress she’s wearing in these photos from New York. It’s fashionable but not so ‘fashionable’ I would look like an idiot wearing it. It’s casual, it’s cute and it looks comfortable. I might wear it with heels instead of flats though. All in all, great pictures.

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  • she is average but too skinny for my liking