written by Wanda

Nicola McLean And Her Nipples.

Um … yeah. Not sure where to even start with these photos. I guess I’ll start by writing a little bit about who Nicola McLean in. She started out as a glamour model and parlayed her success as a model into a career as a television personality. While she still models, she is probably more well known these days for her time on various celebrity themed reality shows including, “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here” and “Big Brother”. Okay, now you have an idea of who she is. Let’s talk about the really perplexing part of these photos which is basically everything else about these photos. Here at the Jeans for Genes event, Nicola just looks flat out trashy. I guess she looks cute in a very plastic sort of way but I just can’t get passed that outfit. I like the jeans but it’s hard to focus on them when her nipples are so clearly visible through her top. They kind of remind me of the see through skirt pictures of Sophie Turner from a few days ago except those photos seemed to be taken in a more private setting while these ones were snapped on the red carpet. Tasteless, classless but not entirely surprising.


  • Can we say that she looks trashy? Slutty? Like a whore? Men may be turned on by her but not me. I do not like that plastic look at all. She is just down right gross to me.

  • She looks very trashy indeed Drew. I agree with you 100%. Have some respect for your body. You may think that your boobs are all guys are interested in but you look so fake that you need to take another look at yourself.

  • I agree with the trashy part. Her boobs look ridiculous in this photo . And the pants sure do not help her look any more attractive. Looks like a prostitute in the making if you want my 2 cents.

  • Come on guys she does not turn you on? I guess I am just staring at her boobs in this pic. I did not even notice anything else that she was wearing. I could care less. Boobies are present!!!!!!