written by Wanda

Nicola McLean Partial Nip Slip

Nicola McLean, one of the most popular Page 3 girls of all time, a successful model and well known television personality, is one of those girls who thinks bigger boobs mean better pay checks. Is she right? Yeah, probably. I think she’s probably a pretty attractive girl but I honestly can’t stop staring at those massive mammaries. I’ve never been able to understand why a woman would feel the need to have 34-E breasts. I’m pretty happy with my 34-Bs, thank you very much. It’s hard to hate on her though. She does look pretty good in these pictures from Spain. It’s just one of those ‘as a woman’ hang ups I sometimes have problems with when I write for this site. I’m sure you guys out there love this. I just can’t help imagining back pain and how hard it must be for this woman to run without knocking herself out with those big old fun bags. Do they make industrial strength sports bras.


  • Here is a thought for you…get a suit that fits your boobs. Then maybe your boobs wold not be tempted to fall out all over the place. You have a great body but the suit is just not working for you, buy a bigger size please.

  • Her guy is lucky, that last pic, wish it was me rubbing her back, huge rack, big boobs does mean bigger pay for her, sex sells