written by Nabanita

Nicola McLean Works Hard

It’s true that you aren’t going to attain just what you need if you aren’t willing to work really hard for it. As such, it comes as no surprise to see Nicola McLean work so hard for her new job. We’re all waiting for the outcome of what happens when Nicola McLean gets in training for her new job at TalkSport radio. Well, surely she seems determined to get into the skin of her character and the first step towards it is to pump it up. She seems all geared to take the high intensity exercise schedule by her stride so we can all happily wait and watch I guess.

Nicola McLean

Nicola Mclean boxing Nicola Mclean working out TalkSport radioNicola Mclean Nicola Mclean works hard Nicola Mclean Nicola Mclean Nicola Mclean


  • Nicola is looking great!

  • She´s fugly

  • Working out is good =)


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