written by Wanda

Nicole Bahls And Fani Pacheco Film A Commercial

Good freaking heavens. These photos … I have no words. These women are absolutely stunning. Photos of just one of these women would be great but the two of them together? Wearing bikinis, no less? It’s almost too hot to handle. Nicole Bahls and Fani Pacheco are seen here filming a commercial on Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro and the only question I have is when the finished product will be online because I needs to see it! It’s kind of funny. I looked at the first photo and it took me a moment to tear my eyes away to look at the rest of the photos. Once I did, I found every single one of the photos in this set is hot as hell. Great shots of two incredibly beautiful women and one guy that kind of looks a bit like Josh Groban.

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  • 2 sexy women, can I have both please