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Nicole “Coco” Austin – Cameltoe Pictures

Here we have Nicole “Coco” Austin attending a car show recently. The swimsuit model, who is married to Ice-T, showed up to the car show in tight pink clothing, showing of a huge ‘something’, among other body parts. Scroll down and take a look at the pictures to see this ‘something’. Then comment your love/hate/disgust/happiness below.

Camel Toe - Coco

Camel Toe - Coco Car Show Camel Toe - Coco 2.jpg Camel Toe - Coco 4.jpg Camel Toe - Coco 5.jpg Camel Toe - Coco 6.jpg Camel Toe - Coco 7.jpg Camel Toe - Coco 8.jpg Camel Toe - Coco 9.jpg Camel Toe - Coco 10.jpg


  • Never seen as huge cameltoe as this one of Coco before. Thanks for pictures!

  • Wow this is what they mean by body hugging clothes.
    Hers is ass hugging clothes. What was ice T thinking when he married her.
    She is like one of those russian sex dolls.

  • nice aSs.

  • Stunning that is what you call curves in all the right places….utterly delicious! what a lucky man Ice-T is.

  • Ladies who want to keep a man in line, flaunt your lines!!!

  • He can have her.

  • He is really lucky guy to have Coco Austin in his bed.

  • Nicole Coco Austin we love you – we really do!


  • Coco’s cameltoe is something I would die for!

  • Coco Austin wanted to show her huge cameltoe on purpose!

  • Beautiful!

  • I would fuck her in tha pussy an in her ass cum all in her asshole


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