written by Wanda

Nicole Coco Austin Flashes Her Bald Vag, Proving She’s Just As Classy As Ever.

There is no way anyone will ever be able to convince me Nicole Coco Austin did not intentionally flash her bald vagina to the photographers that snapped these pictures. When I think of desperate women who will do anything to stay relevant, Nicole tops my list. She’s hot, sure, but she’s so sleazy I can’t enjoy her hotness. I mean, come on, at least pretend it was an accident. It’s cool to be proud of your body but this isn’t pride in your body. This is obvious insecurity. It’s almost like she’s afraid she’ll cease to exist if the cameras stop flashing. It doesn’t matter though. Men love her and will continue to love her as long as she continue to have not even a trace of modesty. Baring it all for Playboy is one thing. I have no problem with a woman taking her clothes off for the camera but flashing your vagina on the street corner? In my always humble opinion, that’s just one step away from being a prostitute.


  • That effer aint bald… looks scratchy!!!!

  • “Bald vagina”!! Phrase of the year!

  • holy cow, she really is insecure and a massive prick teaser I would give her one no doubt, love a go on those big boobs of hers and a bit of anal but she is a bit of a character with a ego the size of her own knockers by these pics.

    she shwoing off her whole body- her vag holy cow

  • Hi cocoa. Im just in awe with your nude body. if you ever decide to take nice some more, will you email me them???

  • she is unreal this women, she might be an attention seeking women with no class or respect for herself but she is not alone but what guy would kick her out of bed, be honest if I was there id get down and lick her out, gladly put my tongue in her nice muff and worship her body and most guys would