written by Wanda

Nicole Coco Austin Predictably Flashes Some Skin In Las Vegas

I know there are a whole lot of people out there who love Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin so I’m going to do my best not to say anything too negative about her but it will be difficult. It isn’t that I don’t like her. She’s clearly attractive and she’s clearly confident but I would like to, just once, see her covering up a bit more. I guess that’s her thing though. “Hi! I’m Coco and I’m almost naked! Again!” I guess everyone has to have their shtick. The problem with her shtick, however, is that we’ve seen it all before. Here at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nicole is posing in a bikini by the pool. Normally that would be kind of alluring but it looses a little something when we’ve seen all that and more from Nicole before. Want to really shock us, Nicole? Wear something that covers you up. With curves like yours, you’d still look sexy but it would be surprising. Those are pictures I’d really like to see.



  • like fat ass

  • Okay I thought that this was Ice T’s wife and yes I was right. She does not look really all that natural. Her breast are way too big. Imagine a guy saying that but they are. She looks sort of slutty if you want me to say it.

  • I just do not find her that attractive. maybe it is because my eyes are drawn to her chest? Those are some big boobies. Anyway her body is something to look at even if her face is not.

  • id shag her real good, she might be a shalloe bitch but you guys would still bang it all night

  • Coco does nothing for me. She is just a lady with some really big boobs. She i not that attractive to me either. And to the comment above, no I would not shag her all night. Ewe, gross. I think not.

  • I would bone her into next week, nice body