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Nicole Kidman Makes Beautiful Look So Easy!

Now here is the every so stylish and stunning Nicole Kidman attending the premiere of The Golden Compass in Australia. I have to say, not many people could pull off a figure hugging two piece satin ensemble. Satin is known to be not very kind to bumps and bulges, which for Nicole is a moot point because she doesn’t have any! She pulled off her standard elegance and class in this stunning number that is right in line with this season’s metallic trends. Gorgeous, gosh, how does she make it look so easy!

Nicole Kidman

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  • Very nice simple and beautiful outfit Nicole!

  • Woooow. Simply goddess!

  • sexy ass :o

  • Bless you for giving Nicole such a nice review! I think she is simply gorgeous in this and you are right…the only one that could pull this off! She has been getting hit pretty hard by the media right now for some reason!

  • She looks nice!

    She is getting a lot of bashing from the media because her last 5 or so movies haven’t done that well. I don’t know why, I mean The Golden Compass is great. Hopefully her future choices are wiser ones.

  • Yes, she looks really good for her age. I actually didn’t mind her latest films, although I haven’t seen The Golden Compass yet. I will probably see it soon, actually. The Stepford Wives and Bewitched were both enjoyable in my opinion. Anyway, Nicole, keep doing your thing! :-P

  • Satin is known to be not very kind to bumps and bulges, which for Nicole is a moot point because she doesn’t have any!….ha ha . This is funny.
    But nevertheless she looks gorgeous, she brings elegance to any dress.I am going to watch The Golden Compass just to see her even though the movie is dud.

  • Stunning! Nicole is so amazing, maybe she is a descendant of Aphrodite. Ever as beautiful as I’ve seen her from decades ago. I hope she could pass me some power to remove some bulges, but her suit really made her more gorgeous.

  • I adore Nicole Kidman … I really do!


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