written by Wanda

Nicole Minetti Is Crazy Beautiful.

While Nicole Minetti is likely best known for involvement in a pretty major scandal, but why focus on scandal with pictures this lovely. In these photos taken in Malibu, Nicole looks incredible. I like the sort of natural look of these shots. She isn’t wearing a ton of makeup. Her hair doesn’t look like she’s been sitting in the hair and makeup chair for hours. She looks like she put on the smallest touch of makeup and headed out for a day at the beach. While I’m not positive this is a photo shoot, some of the pictures look a little staged which leads me to believe it is. If it is, in fact, a photo shoot, I have to commend both Nicole and the photographer for keeping such a casual feel. These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful woman.


  • She is not doing it for me. I mean she is not ugly in any sense but I do not find her crazy beautiful like you stated. She is a pretty girl but she has a big ass. I mean it sticks out quite far in the top photo.

  • gorgeous women, great ass too wow

  • She’s hot.