written by Wanda

Nicole Murphy Shows Off Her Killer Body In Hawaii

It blows my mind that Nicole Murphy is a mother of five. That body of hers is just absolutely incredible. I’m sure a lot of work and a great diet helped her but there have to be some pretty great genes running in that family as well. In these shots, snapped in Hawaii, we see Nicole taking a little time out from what is undoubtedly a very busy schedule to enjoy a little time on the beach and I’m happy about that. I’m not a big fan of Nicole’s show, Hollywood Exes (she’s Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife), but I am a big fan of her. She’s always seemed to have so much class. I’m told I’d have a different opinion of her if I watched the show so I think I’ll skip it and keep my opinion as it is.

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  • she is proper lush, what a sexy body, now that is a proper women