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Nicole Scherzinger Back With The Pussycats

Okay, don’t hit me for this but the original title of this entry was supposed to be “Nicole Scherzinger back with the Pussies!” Just a little info there. Anyhoo, here’s failed solo singer Nicole Scherzinger back with her posse – who else but the Pussycat Dolls at “Operation MySpace” Concert in Kuwait. Photos were taken backstage. Too bad for Nicole as her solo album didn’t fare well – but she’s back with the girls and that’s what matters! p.s. is it just me or is there something wrong with her lips?

Nicole Scherzinger

Operation MySpace Pussycat Dolls backstage Nicole Scherzinger 5.jpg


  • Yeah! Her lips are plastic. Even lips of Angelina looks more natural than this pussycat lips. Shame on her!

  • Plastic or not;she’s still as hot as hell!


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