written by Ann

Nicole Scherzinger Chomps At Mr Chow

Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the Pussycat dolls, has not had much luck in the highly competitive entertainment field. Her next official single would be “Puakenikeni”. There was no official date for the release yet. Her record label is Interscope Records and they pay the singers to take care of them.

Nicole was coming out of the famous LA eatery, Mr Chow, when her pictures were taken. She was wearing a very unusual blouse. It looked like a Mandarin blouse or a strait jacket!

Nicole Scherzinger

Puakenikeni Mr Chow Nicole Scherzinger Candids Nicole Scherzinger wearing Jeans Nicole Scherzinger wearing jacket Nicole Scherzinger 6.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 7.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 8.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 9.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 19.jpg


  • Where’s the ass shot?

  • Nicole Scherzinger is one of the sexiest celebrities on the planet. I am totally in-love with her.


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