written by Ann

Nicole Scherzinger Flashes More Than Smiles

Nicole Scherzinger was caught in the paparazzi crush as she was leaving the Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood. You could not blame the cameraman. She looked deliciously busty in her low cut top. Her hair was the correct length to tease and draw attention to her cleavage. It must have been a long night for Nicole because she looked tired. She managed to crack a few last smiles for the guys in the crowd. These were great shots. Kudos to the photographer.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is all about sex Nicole Scherzinger Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood Nicole Scherzinger 3.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 4.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 5.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 6.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 7.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 8.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 9.jpg


  • Nicole Scherzinger is sex simbol!

  • She looks very unhappy here :(

  • but sexy!

  • That’s kim kardashien, not nicole.

  • It’s Nicole Scherzinger :)

  • She looks pretty but sad

  • Jim, you must be seeing things. Go throw some cold water on your face, will ya? That is DEFINITELY Nicole Scherzinger, not Kim Kardashian. It’s obvious.

    She looks incredible. Very sexy. I mean even if her bosoms weren’t showing, I think she’d still look hot.


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