written by Wanda

Nicole Scherzinger Has An Incredible Body

Moments ago, I responded to a post I wrote a while back and in that response I mentioned I judge celebs based on the pictures I’m given. I know Nicole Scherzinger is a gorgeous woman but there’s something about her face in these pictures from Paris I’m not really a big fan of. Perhaps it’s just the giant sunglasses or the giant hat. She still looks lovely and her body is as incredible as always, but there’s just something off and I can’t quite put my finger on what what ‘something’ is. With that said, I always love seeing Nicole in more casual attire. She looks so good dressed down in jeans and a tank top. She has such great style. She makes everything she wears her own and I appreciate that. Love her, just a little undecided on these particular pictures.

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  • wtf, she looks incredible, she is stunning, a very sexy women, love her exotic looks