written by Wanda

Nicole Scherzinger Nearly Busts Out Of Her Dress In London.

Sometimes I look at women like Nicole Scherzinger wearing outfits like this one and I can’t help admiring the guts it must take to put one of these dresses on and look so confident. If it were me, I’d be worried constantly that a boob was about to pop out or that my undies were showing under my skirt. This is why I stick with t-shirts and jeans for the most part. Nicole really pulls the look off though as she shows us in these photos from London. The dress looks fantastic on her and she seems both comfortable and unconcerned about potential wardrobe malfunctions.


  • I could never wear a dress like this. It requires way to much confidence that I do not have. I would be constantly pulling it up at the bust all night for fear that it will fall down. She looks wonderful in it though. The color is gorgeous.

  • has she gone naked yet she may as well just get them out and show us lol.

    Thing is this asian chick who i know weared a dress like this lol at a party and stuff and me and my buddys we had banter and said get ya tits out for the lads and shit and later when she was alone I pulled her strap down so you coudl see her boobs popping out literally and she slapped me so hard i fell to one knee lol and then kicked me downstears for good measure, I was being a fool of course but god idd wreck these women.

    But why do some girls wear such clothes and then get pissed when you marvel at them sexually, of course it wrong but we guys cant help ourselves.

  • if i was there i would rip that top of and fuk her up that giant ass u guys should look at hur sextape and find out would u

  • she has a sex tape too? I know tulisa had one, now her, god are all these women massive sluts? no wonder you see young girls walking around in tight skirts, strapless tops showing off their bodies, girls who are not even 16, people like her and tulisa dont help, sure they look good but god.

    she is busting out of that dress, I see women nowadays wear such sexy clothes and make up they look older, these women are just sex symbols

    Her and Tulisa are as bad as kim kardashian almost

  • great body, super cleavage on how, hope she takes all her kit off soon and does a full nude shoot

  • id love to bang nicole, in my dreams ah well, she is so fit

  • she may as well go naked we can see her boobs busting out anyway, can she just show us her body naked

  • omg her big knockers are going to bust out lol, wouldn’t mind spending a day with this babe