written by Wanda

Nicole Scherzinger Rocks A Skin Tight Dress

I know a lot of people have an issue with Nicole Scherzinger’s lack of personality but I am not one of those people. I think she’s beautiful. I think she’s talented. I don’t know enough about her to make a call on her personality but in most of the interviews I’ve seen, she comes across just fine to me. While I don’t think she makes the greatest judge in the world, I do think she has always been warm and encouraging to contestants and that says a lot to me. In these shots, snapped in London, we see what I really like most about Nicole though and I’m not ashamed to admit that happens to be her looks. She’s a stunning woman and that body hugging black dress definitely does not hurt at all.

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  • very good looking women and I do like the tight outfit she has a fine ass body