written by Wanda

Nicole Scherzinger Shows A Whole Lot Of Leg At The X Factor UK Results Show.

I know Nicole Scherzinger isn’t the most popular lady we post about around these parts but I love her all the same. She can come off a little flat in the personality department but she is a talented singer and is super smoking hot so, yeah, I’m a fan. In these photos from The X Factor Live Results Show in London, I think Nicole looks great although I always think it’s better for coaches on shows like these ones to let their contestants shine and I’m not sure this revealing dress did that. I haven’t been watching The X Factor UK but I watched Nicole last season on the US version and I thought she did an okay job. Clearly from these photos, the judging process hasn’t gotten any easier for her. What a shame. It takes a special kind of person to destroy someone’s shot at achieving their dreams and I really don’t think Nicole has it in her. She’s softhearted woman and that job just isn’t for that kind of person.


  • I could never be a judge on a show like this. It would be so hard to tell someone that their dream is over for now. I admire her though for doing this. She is a great lady and is very pretty.

  • It’s not that hard when you are getting paid tons of money to sit in a chair give me a break, she should do what I do for a living thats real life, she is a glammed up celeb what’s hard, same as tulisa, she is very pretty tho, these are nice pics, she has nice legs,

    Tell someone their dream is over, most who win the show do nothing anyway

  • those legs damn, nice killer legs, her and tulisa are gorgeous