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Nicole Scherzinger Top 10 Sex Positions Demonstration

Lead signer of The Pusscat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger demonstrate some of her favorite Sex Positions any man would die for. It’s getting hot in here…

Nicole Scherzinger Sex Positions

Nicole Scherzinger Top 10 Nicole Scherzinger yoga Nicole Scherzinger 3.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 4.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 5.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 6.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 7.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 8.jpg Nicole Scherzinger 9.jpg


  • WOOOOW … you made my day

  • The one who posted there pics probably havent gotten laid in months.. Those are Yoga positions u utter tard! stop playing with urself and go get a girl.

  • It’s good to see top sex positions. Keep it up Nicole Scherzinger!

  • you such a LOSER you BastarD!!..Nicole scherzinger Having Her Yoga.. i think your not an EDUCaTeD Person!! You Dont knoW YOGA…Go FUCKED yourSelf BitCH!!…LeaVE NicoLe Scherzinger alone.. ALrighT..***!!

  • Its obviously yoga

  • Looser its yoga idiot

  • Nicole Scherzinger sex is best what can you get!

  • hy i am Nicole from PUSSYCAT DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poor girl is having her yoga U ***!

  • i want to sex with u someday nicole scherzinger

  • who the hell has posted this pics here saying nicole is demonstrating sex positions …… well i just want to tell him its not sex positions, its yoga positions…. i hope you will take your fuckin head out of your ass and remove these pictures ………

  • hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….

  • that’s her morning stretch or yoga, not sex positions, have u did some exercises in the morning?

  • its a yoga moron!don’t you dare to do that again to my idol!

  • Fuckng idiot des r YOGA postions,jst fck ur slf some other place,stop bitchng abt ds grl!!!

  • Erm, those aren’t sex positions, honey. They’re yoga positions. You do stand corrected; however, I’m not going to verbally abuse you because of it, unlike what some of the folks in the comments have been doing, which is out of order.

  • I bet the same folks who are up in arms about your suggestion and are ‘defending’ Nicole with all that colourful language of theirs, are the same folks who’ll say what they want to do to Nicole using similar colourful lingo.

  • Pixie need a length up her

  • Bethany ill do u using these yoga positions especially pic 8

  • hey guys think practically……every one knows that its a yoga….but why cant you think different…lol…on the angle it looks as a sex position too…..chill

  • infact its a great job…..thanks a lot for uploading such a precious pics