written by Christine

Nicole Scherzinger Topless!

Take a gander at the most recent photo shoot by Nicole Sherzinger. She is taking some risks here outside of her normal comfort zone by running some topless shots out for the boys. Ok, technically, she’s got *something* on top, but I don’t really think it classifies for anything that belongs in the shirt, top, or blouse department, do you? Uh no. And as we can all PLAINLY see, the girl likes her bikini wax as well. Is it gross when another woman recognizes this? Or gross that a woman can’t HELP but recognize this??? Hmm…

Nicole Scherzinger Topless

Nicole Scherzinger 2.jpg

Nicole Scherzinger 3.jpg

Nicole Scherzinger 4.jpg

Nicole Scherzinger 5.jpg

Nicole Scherzinger 6.jpg


  • I guess next step for Nicole would be nudity. At least, I hope so.

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  • I’ve no idea what Nicole is supposed to be wearing in this photo. Too bad we don’t have a shot of first pic from other angle! She is freakin’ hot!

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  • She’s actually not topless in any of those photos.

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