written by Wanda

Nicole Trunfio And Her Sandy Behind On The Beach.

I have been very, very clear about my feelings for Nicole Trunfio. She’s gorgeous. I love her. That’s pretty much it. For that reason, new pictures of her are always both exciting and frustrating because I love to look at them but hate to write about them. I don’t know how many different ways I can say I love the girl without sounding boring and repetitive. Perhaps I’ll give poetry a try. I present to you, “Nicole Trunfio: A Haiku”

“Nicole Trunfio,
As hot as the blazing sun.
Ow my eyes! They burn!

Beautiful goddess,
Oh stunning creature I fear
Your beauty slays me.”

Thank you. Thank you. Nicole Trunfio – inspiring bad poetry with her booty since 2002.


  • That’s not strictly a haiku, but still who cares – more bad poetry!!

    • I’ve always had trouble with haikus. I should’ve been less ambitious. Thanks though. I’ll be sure to have more bad poetry soon.