written by Christine

Nicollette Sheridan Is SMOKIN

What you see here folks is a 44 year old woman enjoying some time in St. Barts. Nicollette Sheridan is taking some down time, probably making the most of the writer’s strike, and is having some fun and sun on the beach in St. Barts. Right, because life is just that good. An awesome job, fame, fortune, and the ability to getaway to St. Barts whenever one pleases. Well, add the fact that she is nearing the mid-40’s and looks like this. WHOA. We girls should be so lucky. Fun in the sun with a rockin’ body… yep, Nicolette is making the most of it, and hey, she should.

Nicolette Sheridan

Nicolette Sheridan on the Beach Nicolette Sheridan 2.jpg Nicolette Sheridan 3.jpg Nicolette Sheridan 4.jpg Nicolette Sheridan 5.jpg Nicolette Sheridan 6.jpg Nicolette Sheridan 7.jpg Nicolette Sheridan 9.jpg Nicolette Sheridan 10.jpg Nicolette Sheridan 11.jpg


  • Wow..her body is great at this age

    She manages to maintain her sexy body and looks like she was 20++

    I love her posture!

  • She is the hottest girl I’ve ever seen. Smoking hot Figure at this age is really remarkable. Hats off to her!!

  • Thanks for these! I love these beach candid style photos and she has a HARD body!!

  • For being that old, in that good of shape is awesome. Something tells me she is a healthy eater. But I’m sure that body helps with her career also. ;)

  • Okay everyone….sure she looks good….but she has never had kids, can afford to have the time to exercise AND I know plenty of other over 40 women who look this good in spite of having kids and working full time!!

  • I can never tell she is 44. That body is really great for that age.
    I wish my girlfriend has that kind of body when she is 44, I will stay with her all my life.