written by Christine

Niki Taylor Hangs With Tyson Beckford

Here you are seeing the lovely Niki Taylor & Tyson Beckford hanging out at the NBC Experience Store. If you like these folks, or just like lookin’ at ’em, you are in luck. Expect to see these two a lot together over the next little while, and I don’t mean in the canoodling kind of way. Niki and Tyson are heading up a new show on Bravo, called “I Wanna Be a Supermodel” that is something like the ANTM with Tyra Banks. Yep, these pretty faces are gonna show some wanna be’s what it’s all about. And aren’t you just loving how Niki is proving to the world that you don’t need T & A to be beautiful? Grace and class, that’s what this pretty thing is made of!

Niki Taylor

NBC Experience Stor Tyra Banks I Wanna Be a Supermodelg Niki Taylor 4.jpg Niki Taylor 5.jpg Niki Taylor 6.jpg Niki Taylor 7.jpg Niki Taylor 8.jpg Niki Taylor 9.jpg Niki Taylor 10.jpg

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