written by Wanda

Nina Agdal Gets Sexy On The Beach

Remember Wicked Game? The Chris Isaak song with the video featuring Helena Christensen? These photos really remind me of that video. I did a list on another website a while back about the sexiest music videos ever made and that video was pretty close to the top of the list so it only makes sense that out of all the photos of any model I’ve ever written about here, these photos would be pretty close to the top of the list when it comes to hot photos. Nina looks absolutely breathtaking here. The fact that we get to see her nipples is great and all but that’s not the best part of the photos, at least not for me. For me, Nina’s poses are the real star of the show. She just has this thing about her when she gets in front of the camera. It’s hard to take your eyes off her. I also have to give serious credit to the photographer here. He or she did an incredible job and captured this beautiful model perfectly.

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