written by Wanda

Nina Agdal In Sexy Mesh Body Suit

Give me a moment, if you will, to pick my jaw up off the floor. Holy moly these photos are hot. I mean, they’re really hot. They’re likely the hottest photos I’ve ever seen of stunning Victoria’s Secret model, Nina Agdal and that is really saying something. I have never seen a photo of Nina I wasn’t in love with but these photos? We’re talking about love I can’t even put into words. Perhaps it’s the fact that we can see her nipples or perhaps the photos are just hot because they show off this beautiful young woman’s body in such a brilliant way. I love the mesh. I have always, always been a sucker for mesh. These photos just hit it on all points. Even the photos in which she’s wearing more than mesh are too sexy to deal with but those body suit shots? Please. I can’t even.

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