written by Wanda

Odette Annable Looking Stunning In Miami

I am a big Odette Annable fan. My only problem with her, in fact, is the fact that she doesn’t get more attention than she does which is hardly her fault. She’s beautiful, talented and should be a much bigger name than she is. In these photos from Miami, Odette is looking incredible. I believe these shots were taken as she filmed her new series, Westside, and it is my hope that they are some indication of what we can expect from the show. I’d like to see Odette get more recognition as I mentioned and I think Westside could make that happen. I also happen to be a big fan of Odette’s husband, Dave, who starred in the tragically underrated (and far too early ended) 666 Park Avenue. Perhaps there’s a place on Westside for Dave? It’d be great to see them team up on the small screen.

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  • gorgeous , wish she was my women