written by Wanda

Oh Anna! AnnaLynne McCord In Sexy Pink Bikini

AnnaLynne McCord is a stunner and she knows it. The 90210 babe takes every opportunity she gets to show of her perfect body and beautiful face for the photographers that follow her every move and we are lucky for it. When AnnaLynne hit the beach in Miami in her tiny pink bikini, heads turned, flashbulbs popped and AnnaLynne clearly loved every minute of it. While some might tell her she should put some clothes on for once and focus on her acting career, those that are of sound mind applaud her for giving the world what it wants – her in as little clothing as possible.

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  • McCord sisters just made my day ;) They are the hottest sisters in world of celebrities!

  • AnnaLynne er, that dress is so cheap. Anne Hathaway ruled the original and all the wbananes stumble with their crappy knockoff.Elle’s hair is terrible and it seems that doesn’t really care for getting dressed up any more. She wears the same boring dresses all the time.Jessica Stroup really is one of the few young actresses that never bores me on the red carpet. She’s consistently interesting.Shenae oh dear. Bustier dresses are not for her.If you were to create a Worst Dressed of the Week poll, it would be a hard competition between Jenna Elfman and that hot tranny who wore the Balmain knock off. How to ruin a dress just follow Jenna Elfman. Wear cheap shoes and wear the belt in an awkward place.