written by Wanda

Oh Doutzen Kroes, You Phenomenal Bikini Babe!

People like to occasionally get down on Doutzen Kroes’ back about being too thin but I think that’s a little ridiculous. It’s one thing to love curvy women and support curvy women but it’s another thing to put down skinny women to further your cause. Yes curvy women can be beautiful but skinny women can too and Doutzen is just more proof of that. She doesn’t look unhealthy. She looks like she works out and takes care of herself. There’s nothing wrong with that. You know what bugs me? The “real women have curves” movement. As if skinny women aren’t real women? Women can be beautiful regardless of their size or shape. Isn’t that a better message to send out?


  • She looks FANTASTIC! I didn’t know people were ragging on her for being thin. I remember when people were ragging on her for gaining weight! Can she ever win?? Jeez. I love her. She’s so beautiful, like a real-life barbie.

  • Doutzen is not really that skinny. I mean she looks good to me. I like a woman who takes care of her body and it is apparant that she really does. She has a great body in my mind. I like her a lot.

  • How can one look at pictures of Doutzen and not believe in God.

  • Beautiful face. But I do think that she is sort of skinny. Not in a bad way. She could maybe stand to gain a few pounds but that is about all. The rest of her body looks great. I think that she is looking good here.