written by Wanda

Okay, What Is Going On With Me And Olivia Munn

If you’ve been reading my posts on here for any amount of time, you’ve likely come across a post or two I’ve done about Olivia Munn. In most of those posts, I’ve talked about how I’m not really a big fan and don’t really understand what all the fuss is about her. If you caught my last post about Munn, you know I actually really liked the photos. Now these photos of Olivia Munn in NYC have come along and once again, I’m a big fan of the shots. I love the outfit. I love the hat. I just love the pictures in general. How has this happened? Am I becoming an Olivia Munn fan? It certainly seems that way, especially if I get more shots like these ones. What a great set of photos. Also, I want every single thing she’s wearing here to be part of my wardrobe. Someone needs to make that happen.

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