written by Wanda

Olga Kurylenko Bikini Pics Make Me Happy

It’s a dreary, drab kind of day. It’s cold and I’m pretty sure it’s going to snow. I have a Snuggie wrapped around me and a hot cup of coffee waiting to warm my hands the moment I’m done typing this post. Beyond all that, I just generally have a nasty case of the blahs. Then I opened this set of photos to browse before I started writing and all of a sudden, everything felt right with the world. I love Olga Kurylenko. I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie “Hitman” but I loved her performance in it. Now here she is in her bathing suit and my world feels like a warmer, fuzzier, shinier, happier place. Know what I love most about Olga? She gives back. She has done so much work for the underprivileged. I think that’s fantastic – beautiful and compassionate. Yes, Olga may easily be my dream woman.

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  • Olga is very pretty. I love her suit. She has a classical look about her as well that you just do not find in every star. Looks very wholesome to me. She is amazing and keep these photos like this coming.