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Olga Kurylenko In Sexy Lingerie

Olga Kurylenko is enjoying a steady gush of publicity and popularity. The Quantum of Solace beauty posed in a series of sexy lingerie to show off her beautiful body. This fashion shoot is in time for the Christmas shoppers and the holiday season.

Olga Kurylenko began her career as a model and she has been blessed with good fortune. After being talent spotted, Kurylenko travelled the world on her modeling assignments. As one of the more prominent European models, Kurylenko was cast to act in this new James Bond movie. The movie, The Quantum of Solace, has received rave reviews.

Olga Kurylenko

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  • She is pure beauty!

  • Olga is nice babe but I somehow expected more from her in latest Bond movie.

  • Olga became one of the hottest celebrities in the Europe afters he got discovered by Bond.