written by Wanda

Olivia Munn Actually Looks Pretty Great

I’ve not always been a big fan of Olivia Munn. I know a lot of people like her but I’ve never been one of those people. I suppose that isn’t entirely true. I’ve never actually disliked her. I’ve just never been able to see what all the fuss is about. That isn’t the case in these photos, snapped in NY. I think Olivia looks fantastic here. I have always liked Olivia Munn candids more than Olivia Munn photoshoots because I think her real appeal shines through in candid shots. I like the fact that Olivia is just a laid back kind of girl and I think that casual attitude is really reflected in these shots. While they may not be the most sexy photos in the traditional sense, I still really enjoy them.

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  • she is nice