written by Wanda

Olivia Munn Hits The Red Carpet At The ESPY Awards.

So here is Olivia Munn looking like Olivia Munn usually looks – kind of hot but kind of not at the same time. I think she’s pretty enough but I really don’t understand why men are so crazy about her. Perhaps it’s her “I’m a geek too!” persona. She does have a fantastic body, which she’s showing off in her body hugging dress in these photos from the 2012 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, but I honestly don’t find her face all that attractive. I guess it all comes down to personal preference. I do like her personality on occasion but even that can be a bit irritating in large doses. I guess I’m just not really sure how I feel about her overall. I’m sure it doesn’t matter to her in the least though. She seems like a very confident, self-assured young woman which is one of the things I do find incredibly appealing about her. It’s just the rest of the package I’m not so sure about.


  • Her relative hotness continues to fail to offset her dwindling relevance. lol

  • All I know is I find her really hot.. I don’t know anything about her or care to know anything (except I know that people seem to hate her)

  • gorgeous