written by Wanda

Olivia Munn In A Black Bikini With A Hamburger

Honesty. Some say it’s a virtue. Others say its a curse. For me, I think it falls somewhere in the middle. I know my honesty doesn’t always sit well with those who visit this blog, and for that I’m sorry, but I’m not going to lie to make people happy. I’d probably fail anyway. So here it is. I don’t get what the big deal is about Olivia Munn. Sure I liked her on “Attack of the Show” and sure I think she’s hot, but I don’t get why everyone goes so nuts over her. She a ‘one of the guys’ kind of girl and that’s always appealing, but I just don’t get the real draw. She’s been tied romantically to Justin Timberlake, Matthew Morrison (of ‘Glee’) and a score of others, so she must be doing something right. Personally, though, I’d take Olivia Wilde over Olivia Munn any day of the week.l


  • hot!!

  • i have to poop

  • I hope she didn’t make you ;)

  • I would rather eat her.. not that burger

  • 1. want soooooooooo bad.2. if you corampe the pic of the girl w/o undies with the pic of olivia munn up top, there are couple discrepancies in the outfit: 1) w/o undies girl is wearing an arm bracelet, olivia not. 2) w/o undies girl’s costume has fake’ chains (see the chain link that flows along her hair?), whereas olivia’s costume does not. 3) olivia isn’t wearing hoop earrings whereas w/o undies girl is.and if anything else, the splash photo of her with jabba shows her wearing gray panties!so yea that’s my argument. and as for my 2 cents: ps3 will own in the longrun. with all the faulty hardware and consoles microsoft has put out, for microsoft to set aside $1 billion in anticipated fix-ups, and on top of the fact that hd-dvd is being phased out (fact and fact) its just gonna take some time till ps3 gives nintendo a run for their money. a0|a0