written by Wanda

Olivia Palermo And Johannes Huebl In Saint Barts

I was browsing an internet message board the other day as I’m sometimes known to do and came across a post about the very lovely Olivia Palermo. The post featured pictures of Olivia in a bikini. The response? A lot of people talking about how toned and flat her stomach is but more people were talking about her breasts. Specifically, they were saying that she needs a boob job. Now, as I’ve said in past posts, I have no problem with a person getting plastic surgery. If I had money, I might even consider it myself. If you want to do it to make yourself feel better about a part of your body you’re insecure about, I don’t see a reason you shouldn’t. It’s your body, after all. However, I don’t think it’s okay under any circumstances to suggest that someone needs to surgically alter any part of their body. Regardless, Olivia – shown here on Governor’s Beach in Saint Barts with boyfriend Johannes Huebl – doesn’t seem to be the type to let the trash talk get her down. She seems very confident and comfortable with her body as well she should be. She looks beautiful the way she is.


  • Really, some people never seize to amaze me. I find it amazing that they looked at something natural and suggested that it be artificially enhanced. Also, women’s breasts naturally come in all shapes and sizes – Olivia’s is one of them.

  • No boobs and a flat cellulite butt. Next celeb!

  • Zenit, I’d like to see your butt and chest. Go on. Show us …’cos you obviously sound as if you’re perfect if you’re dishing out scathing judgments like that. These celebs are human, and Olivia might not hear what you have to say (thank God), but she’s just as human as you are.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with this lady. She’s beautiful. She looks happy and she’s chilling with her man. The problem lies more with those who are pointing, gesturing and criticising. They’re the ones that need changing in their attitude, not her.

  • I really like the colour of her nail varnish. It looks like a vibrant red. And she has a nice tan on her, like it came naturally from being in the sun, not from a tanning salon. It’s nice to see a natural tan, not an orange one I sometimes see on some celebrities.

  • I’ve been a reader of the site lracticaply since the very beginning and I’m always shocked that one of the only times a ton of people will bother posting is when they are pointing out a mistake. We used to comment and comisserate (sp) with each other and have a good time. Everyone is so hateful and negative. Every blog and news site i read has mistakes it happens. Its helpful to point things out but you don’t need to be so crappy about it. It’s called karma.

  • not hard to google facts guys : Lisa Olivia Munn was born in Oklahoma. She is of Chinese edncest on her mother’s side (though her mother was raised in Vietnam)[4] and of German and Irish edncest on her father’s.[5] When Munn was two, her mother re-married, this time to a man in the United States Air Force. With that out of the way, I agree that she is not the most ideal rep of Asian Americans. I am half Asian and half white, raised by my white father. I adore my father, but refuse to date non-Asian men, as my experiences venturing out of the Asian dating circle were horrible ( and it wasn’t just bc I was looked at like a souvenier, which is repulsive). I choose to spend my life with my Asian man because he has all of the same values and moral that I desire in a man because he was raised in a traditional Chinese household. P.S. I definitely do not feel comfortable with Olivia Munn representing my culture!