written by Wanda

Olivia Wilde Is So Sexy It Hurts

Whereas I don’t get the big deal about Olivia Munn, I can totally see what the big deal is with Olivia Wilde. I have been a huge fan of this girl since the first time I saw her on ‘House’. While I don’t feel we’ve really had the chance to see her show off her acting skills yet, I think that will change if the rumors of her doing a Linda Lovelace biopic are true. Here on the “Free Hugs” Set in Glassell Park, Olivia proves she is smoking hot ridiculous sexy no matter what she wears. The outfit is terribly unflattering in every conceivable way but she still manages to pull it off. Olivia is one of my favorite young actresses in the industry today and I hope she gets the Lovelace part. That is a movie I’d pay to see.



  • I am a big fan of Olivia Wilde, but in recent months she has gained weight and is not as good as she used to be.

  • I will give Olivia more then a hug. I would make her get nude in front of me and finger her self.

  • Olivia Wilde is so pretty and it is great that she was giving free hugs out. What a superstar. She looks great in the outfit that she has on. Not many could pull off that look but Miss Olivia can.