written by Wanda

Olivia Wilde Is So Very Sexy In Her Bikini

Now, I can’t claim I love Olivia Wilde so much because she once won a pancake eating contest but I can say for certain that is a big part of it. Any woman that would enter a pancake eating contest, let alone win one, is just fine in my books. I once entered a chicken wing eating contest. I lost miserably. Anyway, pancake eating prowess aside, I love Olivia Wilde because she’s talented, beautiful, funny and seems genuinely down to earth. I follow a lot of people on Twitter but Olivia is one of the rare few I actually look forward to new tweets from. These photos in Hawaii show yet one more thing I love about Olivia. She isn’t the kind of girl that feels compelled to wear makeup to the beach just in case she’s photographed. Of course, Olivia doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful and I’m sure she knows that but it’s refreshing to see all the same. I would say this woman is a great example of natural beauty. She looks great with makeup, without makeup, fully dressed, in a bikini … it doesn’t matter. She’s just stunning. I love her.

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  • she is so fit