written by Wanda

Olivia Wilde Without Makeup In Wilmington

This last week has been one for the ages. Computer issues, money issues and just general life being a jerk issues have had me feeling a little down. A lot down, even. I got out of bed this morning and was quite certain it wouldn’t worth staying up. I noticed I had some pictures waiting for me here so I decided to do those before going back to bed and wallowing in self pity. Glad I did. I won’t say everything is all better but seeing Olivia Wilde definitely put a smile on my face. There is nothing about this woman that doesn’t make me feel good. She’s smart, she’s sexy and she’s outspoken. Plus, ya know, the pancake eating contest. These bare faced photos of Olivia in Wilmington just reinforce my belief that Olivia is worth waking up for. Her confidence in herself and her willingness to just be who she is is inspiring. Today will be a better day. Or maybe it won’t but hey, Olivia Wilde in a bikini. At least it’s off to a pretty good start.

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  • LOl it looks like she has a few wedgies. Just goes to show you that stars are normal as well and can be seen without makeup and hair done or without looking awesome. But she really does look great if you ask me.