written by Wanda

On Set Photos Of Natalie Portman In Texas.

I enjoy Natalie Portman. She’s just such an unusual sort of celebrity. She’s one of those women that really seems to have everything going for her. She’s beautiful, talented, unique and intelligent. She’s not afraid to tackle smaller, lower budget projects but also doesn’t seem to be against more high budget films either. One gets the impression Natalie does movies she wants to do instead of doing movies that will put more money in her bank account. I both respect and admire that. Plus, she’s smart. There’s nothing sexier, to me anyway, than a woman with intellect. Here on set in Texas, Natalie is showing off a completely different kind of look and I love that. While the style is clearly for the movie, I think it really works for her. This is a woman who can play anything, and I love that about her. I’m not sure what movie these photos are from but I am sure I want to see it.

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