written by irene

Pamela Anderson Back With Tommy?

Holy crap! Holy sh*t! Excuse my French… but seriously what is going on? Is Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee back together? Is Tommy trying to court her back? Is Pam really over ex-husband Rick Salomon? Why is Pam wearing a white dress here? Are they eloping? Are they getting married for the nth time? So many questions, so little time! Before we lose our breaths, click for more photos of the beautiful Pam in her white dress!

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson white dress Pamela Anderson 2.jpg Pamela Anderson 3.jpg Pamela Anderson 4.jpg Pamela Anderson 5.jpg Pamela Anderson 6.jpg Pamela Anderson 7.jpg Pamela Anderson 8.jpg Pamela Anderson 9.jpg Pamela Anderson 10.jpg Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee


  • I hope this won’t happen. Tommy doesn’t deserve a girl as Pam is :)

  • Pamela is so beautiful…Look at her pretty feet, I would pay to give her a foot massage with my tongue Mmmm! white nail polish on her gorgeous toes is so sexy & delicious.


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