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Pamela Anderson And Dogs

There’s something so familiar about this picture. Busty Pamela Anderson was once again seen out and about with her dog and porndog in Malibu. Porndog as in Rick Solomon, her husband (and just recently, rumored to be an ex-husband but they managed to iron things out so they’re back together…whew!) and more famously known as Paris Hilton’s sex tape co-creator. Pamela does bring two dogs everywhere she goes. I wonder what each does?! Use your imagination. Click for more pictures of a too-covered up Pamela!

Pamela Anderson Dog

Pamela Anderson in Malibu Pamela Anderson Candids Pamela Anderson 3.jpg Pamela Anderson 4.jpg Pamela Anderson 5.jpg Pamela Anderson 6.jpg Pamela Anderson 7.jpg Pamela Anderson 8.jpg Pamela Anderson 9.jpg Pamela Anderson 10.jpg Pamela Anderson 11.jpg Pamela Anderson 12.jpg Pamela Anderson 13.jpg Pamela Anderson 14.jpg Pamela Anderson 15.jpg Pamela Anderson 16.jpg Pamela Anderson 17.jpg


  • I only see one dog in each picture, and it looks so tiny compared to Pamela Anderson. Those pictures where the dog disappears looks like it’s dragging her somewhere haha.

  • Two dogs? Where is the another one. Same as you I only see one dog from here. Ohh. could be inside her handbag. I couldnt imagine what does she can do with this dogs. Or maybe…. oh! I cant say it here..

  • maybe her dog is invicible…we cant see it !!!

  • I am wondering what keeps her searching inside the bag. Her naughty dog went round and about, it must be annoying but she’s got too much patience to look up to it. The other dog meant to be her husband.

  • The bag sure stinks if the other dog is in there… imagine if it does business in it… OMG… she still look great in loose t shirt though not much of her boobs exposed.. for her age, she’s still hot.. any close up without make up?? wonder how she looks..

  • What kind of dog is that? shes waiting for the dog to piss off . . . watch while shes standing near the tree, looks like shes feeding the dog or shes been searching something?

  • Looks like she is having some trouble to walk her dog out.
    hehe it’s the first time i see pictures with her totally covered, but she stills good for her age.

  • I hope she doesn’t fall and squashed her dog. The massive size of her asset is enough to crush the little ones. Anyway, she looks kinda of angry in those pics. Don’t know why. But could it be the dog?

  • In that last pic, what is that dog trying to do.
    Grab her boobs. That’s what it looks like.
    Some dogs are just more luckier than human beings.


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