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Pamela Anderson In Shorts

Pamela Anderson was in shorts and a T at a Yoots baseball game. These pictures showed a fit and fun loving Anderson in her private life. Anderson’s latest opponent is Cate Blanchett. She struck out at Blanchett’s support of Giorgio Armani’s collections. Anderson wrote a letter to Blanchett to request her to remind Armani to keep his promise to leave fur out of his collections. Anderson raised $50,000 for a new campaign to persuade people to avoid Armani until he stops using fur in his designs.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson with dog Pamela Anderson 2.jpg Pamela Anderson 3.jpg Yoots baseball Pamela Anderson 5.jpg Pamela Anderson 6.jpg Giorgio Armani’s collections Pamela Anderson getting licked by dog Pamela Anderson 9.jpg Pamela Anderson skirt Pamela Anderson 11.jpg Pamela Anderson 12.jpg

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  • Pam has a cute dog.


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