written by Wanda

Pamela Anderson Is Still Pretty Hot

Oh dear, Pam. You’re starting to show you’re age a little. I remember when you were still the fresh faced Tool Time girl on Home Improvement, but times have certainly changed. While some choose to grow old gracefully, you seem to want to fight it at every turn – tooth, nail, surgeon and makeup by the pound. You know what though? You’re still smokin’ hot. Other women wouldn’t be able to pull this whole mess off, but Pam, here in TAO Beach at the Venetian Hotel, you show the world that you make a hot mess look just plain hot. I’d like to see what you look like without all that makeup. Or, on second thought, maybe I wouldn’t. Keep doing what you do well, Pammy. You still rock it.

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  • Pam is still all bitchy!!!

  • Robert: takes one to know one. What’s your excuse.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with showing one’s age. The sky won’t fall if one does. Really, it won’t. Wrinkles, laughter lines, grey hair are all part of life and celebrities aren’t exempt from that.

  • She’s probably used to seeing herself without makeup. She probably doesn’t wear that much of it at home. I think the makeup she puts on when she’s out and about is all part of her public persona.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing her without makeup as I’d get to see more of who she is, the parts of her personality that we don’t see in the public eye.

  • Pam is starting to show her age but she still looks pretty good. I have seen her without makeup before. She looks just like any other person without makeup. She has flaws that she does cover up as well.

  • Pam is hot for her age. I do not care if she is showing her age or not, she is still hot. Most celebs do not turn me on once they reach a certain age, but Pam has always been a turn on for me. She looks great.

  • those big tits

  • I would

  • I would still bang her, she looks great for a women who is late 40’s, sexy