written by Wanda

Pamela Anderson Still Looks Great In A Bathing Suit.

I’m not sure what Brazilian TV show this was filmed for but I have to say it’s nice to see Pamela Anderson back in a bathing suit, running along the beaches in Hawaii. While it isn’t quite the same as seeing her back in the red bathing suit she made famous in Baywatch, it’s close enough for me. I loved Baywatch. It was silly and completely devoid of purpose, but it was fun and entertaining. It was the kind of show I could watch when I felt like turning my brain off for a while. While Pamela doesn’t exactly look the same as she did when Baywatch was in its heyday, I think she still looks fantastic. I love this woman. It’s nice to see her acknowledging where she started. Now if only we could get her to put on a ‘Tool Time’ tank top and a pair of denim shorts …


  • eeew I can see her sweatin hep-c.

  • Wow Pam is a still a babe. Loved her on Baywatch. And she is looking good in this suit as well. It is refreshing to see her a suit, I have not seen her in one for a while. Keep these photos coming.

  • Wonder what she is filming here? Could it be a Baywatch reunion? Wouldn’t that be great? I used to love that show. Could it be the hot gals in the suits looking mighty fine? Most likely yes it was, lol.

  • the amount of times I wanked whilst watching baywatch with her i cant count