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Pamela Anderson Sunbathing In Bikini

Pamela Anderson was on her luxury yacht sunbathing in her skimpy bikini. She showed her fantastic body that men loved. Pamela was in Australia earlier this week. She had an extravagant guest spot in Australia’s Big Brother reality TV show. Anderson disclosed that she was paid handsomely for her 2 hour slot. She warned that she was going to protest on KFC because she hated their promotions of the chicken menu. Pamela is a vegetarian and an outspoken one!

Pamela Anderson

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  • Pam is still superhot babe, no matter if she recently turned 41…

  • 41, but still looking better than most girl of 30.

  • Hot, yes….. smokin’ but cresting the mtn. Few more years and it will start to get into another category. Thanks for the mammaries, Pam.


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