written by Ann

Pamela Anderson Watches Ball And Balls

Pamela Anderson looked like any other Mom when she took time out to watch her son’s ball game in Malibu. She looked relaxed in her white sweat suit. Evidently, this was also her time out from a tedious dress up outing as she wore casual flip flops on the pitch. Pamela showed a bit of her shape in her loose fitting track pants. She had that fantastic tight butt. All her plastic surgery paid off in certain ways.

Pamela Anderson Ass

Malibu Pamela Anderson and her sons white sweat suit Pamela Anderson, no makeup Pamela Anderson 5.jpg Pamela Anderson 6.jpg Pamela Anderson 7.jpg Pamela Anderson 8.jpg Pamela Anderson 9.jpg Pamela Anderson 10.jpg Pamela Anderson 11.jpg Pamela Anderson 12.jpg Pamela Anderson 13.jpg Pamela Anderson 14.jpg Pamela Anderson 15.jpg Pamela Anderson 16.jpg Pamela Anderson 17.jpg


  • Pam is ugly without makeup, without boobs, she would be Paris Hilton.

  • just imagine what would we do to her hahahaha

  • John, are you saying that Paris Hilton is ugly without makeup? If you are, I have to disagree. Paris is gorgeous without makeup. With makeup she looks like a whore.

    Now Pamela looks ugly without makeup.


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