written by Ann

Pamela Anderson’s 41st Birthday

Pamela Anderson celebrated her 41st birthday with her close friends. These are her birthday pictures taken on July 8. She wore a glossy pink evening gown and then decided to have a temporary tattoo inked along her left thigh. She hitched up her long skirt to show a sexy leg while she waited for the ink to dry. Pamela’s birthday cake had flowers and a special kind of different flower too. Anderson cheekily posed for the camera by licking one of the biggest flowers.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson's birthday celebrating glossy pink Pamela Anderson 4.jpg Pamela Anderson 5.jpg Pamela Anderson 6.jpg long skirt


  • I can’t believe she already turned 41!?

  • I wouldn’t say sexy legs, I would rather say fat legs. I didn’t know Pamela was a fattie.